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Health and Fitness tips about HIV.
What is HIV?

HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency disease. Health and Fitness tips about HIV are the virus that cause AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome). HIV harasses the protected system's soldiers - the CD4 group. While the protected structure drops also lots of CD4 cells, you be less competent to struggle off virus and can increase serious opportunistic disease (OIs). An anyone is identifying with AIDS while he or she has fewer than 200 CD4 cells and/or one of 21 AIDS-defining OIs.

General legend: "HIV doesn't cause AIDS."
Certainty: If you don't contain HIV, you can't obtain AIDS. If you contain AIDS, you contain HIV. Present is 20 years of hard logical proof on this. AIDS is not source by party drugs, AZT, government conspiracies, or great moreover but a virus.

The HIV Test

Present is simply particular dependable method to situate absent your Health and Fitness tips about HIV position also that is toward attain the HIV test. The mostly common test is an antibody test called ELISA. An activist effect means you contain antibodies for HIV with you is infected through the virus.

General legend: "The HIV check can't be trust."
Fact: The HIV antibody test is one of the mainly regular medical tests. According toward the middle for disease manages and Prevention (CDC), it is more than 99% correct. In addition, each one advanced results are recognized through a special test (called the Western Blot) to cover no mistake are complete.

Present is no treating for Health and Fitness tips about HIV. However present are drugs that preserve slow down the virus moreover protect your protected structure. Present are moreover drugs to treat and prevent OIs. If you do not identify your status you cannot obtain the health fitness care and treatment you might require to wait healthy. You are too further likely to innocently pass Health & Fitness tips about HIV to others.

HIV Transmission

HIV is simply increase during the following body solution:
Vaginal fluids
Breast milk
The mainly general ways Health and Fitness tips about HIV is accepted since one person to another are:
Reusing and distribution needles
Unprotected sex
Throughout pregnancy, throughout birth, or through breastfeeding

Women and HIV
Sure gynecological (GYN) situation are extra general, more serious and/or further hard to pleasure in HIV+ women than HIV- women:
Herpes simplex virus (genital herpes)
Person papilloma virus (warts, dysplasia)
Pelvic inflammatory virus (PID)
Fungal disease (yeast infections, vaginal candidiasis)
Menstrual (period) Problems
HIV+ women must have normal GYN trouble and Pap spread while a lot of GYN situation perform not contain clear symptoms and preserve obtain worse lacking you understand it.


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